Who We Are



We are at our heart a club organization. We run an inclusive club, which takes pride in taking in all those with an attitude and turning them into the best possible rugby player they can be. It is important to us that when you enter Temple Rugby you are entering a brotherhood. This camaraderie is grown through practices together, social events, and an environment that you will find nowhere else at Temple University. Along with this brotherhood, we take pride in our work ethic. We are unlike any other sports club which can be encountered at TU. We think of ourselves as the optimal mix between student athlete and young professional.



We are a Division 1-AA side which competes, and strives to win, the Keystone Rugby Conference. Our competition includes schools such as West Virginia, Pitt, and Saint Joe’s. Within this competition we run 3 separate sides. Our match day 15 competes in the main Keystone competition, after these matches the Temple Bandits play, as we develop the skills and experience of younger and newer players to rugby. We also run a third developmental side for those who have never played rugby before. This side is scheduled regular games against a variety of teams. This side is used to introduce those who are rookies to rugby to the match day experience and what it is like to compete of a rugby field. We hope to push this team on over the next few year by entering them as a separate division 3 side allowing for an increase in competition a greater chances to grow temple rugby.